Monday, January 30, 2006

SEO Backlink Analyser Tool

Whilst reading the Opportunity Wales Blog the other day I discovered a very useful tool at This Back Link analyser is free (as in beer) and shows what other links point to a website together with the anchor text. It's really useful and well worth downloading. You will need to get a Google API Key to get the full use out of the program, again these are free so it's just a case of signing up for one.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ubuntu on IBM Thinkpad 390X Garbled Sound

I have recently installed Ubuntu on my IBM Thinkpad 390 and it all worked perfectly with the exception of sound. I tried loads of different things to no avail. Different drivers, different audio players. It wasn't silent just garbled, when playing music it was garbled in time to the beat.

After doing a bit more googling I discovered that I needed to disable the PCI power management in the BIOS. Fortunately this was all it took to solve the problem and now sound plays perfectly.

I am really impressed by Ubuntu so far. The only thing that would prevent me from completely moving over to it is that I need access to Internet explorer in my role as a web developer. As much as I would only like to develop sites for Firefox unfortunately for the moment the masses still use firefox.